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For the past few weeks our nation had been troubled and saddened by news of the gruesome murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Little 8 year old Nurin was reported missing on 20 August 2007 after a trip to a nearby pasar malam to buy herself some hairclips . Her sexually-ravaged body was found in a sports bag near a flight of stairs at a three-storey building in Petaling Utama on September 17. Prior to this were almost daily reports of murders, rapes, robberies, people being threatened, etc in various parts of our country. It is no wonder that we are questioning the ills of our society. Etched in most of our minds is the question: “What is wrong with our society today?” That people is capable of such brutal and insane acts. We look at the grim situation around us and despair began to fill our hearts as we fear for the safety of our loved ones.

Yesterday morning, on reading in the newspaper about 14 year old Teh Hui Yi, I felt the dark clouds slowly being dispelled away…. Through the generous and noble act of the father of a 20 year old Chin Yoon Kim who died in a road accident, Hui Yi was given a new heart – a new lease of life!


It was reported that the donor’s father said: “My son was God’s gift to me. Now, it is time to return the gift to God.” My heart went out to this wonderful man, who during his hour of deepest loss and grief, is still capable of thinking of others and helping them. I’m sure many hearts are touched by his magnanimous act… and we let out a sigh of relief. There is still hope for this land we call home…there are still good people around.

Let us also take this time to consider emulating Mr Chin and many others who had made the decision to pledge their organs to help others live healthier lives.


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I sat talking with a rather energetic man in his sixties who travels from one continent to another working with young people from various nations, so full of energy and enthusiasm that it was almost contagious. “What’s your secret?” I asked.

Never stop learning,” he answered readily. “Every year I make it a point to learn something new!.”

Challenged by the wisdom of this remarkable man, I thought of several things I had always wanted to pursue: learn a new language, landscape my garden, pick up dancing, such as belly-dancing??

Finally, I decided to join the millions of bloggers worldwide and this blog marks the beginning of a new journey…..of learning and discovery as I attempt to put words to my thoughts.

Lao-Tze, a Chinese philosopher, once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a few steps“. My journey as a blogger has just begun…

Is there someone out there who wish to embark on a new journey with me?

I believe we are capable of things we never thought possible. There’s no limitations in what we can do except the limitations in our own minds. So, let’s not give up on ourselves. Who knows where this may lead us to …. a published book, perhaps? 🙂

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