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It’s 5 in the morning and I’m sitting here in my study room. Truly alone for the first time in the past 72 hours. Sleep eludes me. The events of the past few days kept playing over and over again in my mind….

I remember holding dad as he took his last breath, the doctor certifying his death, meeting the undertaker, selecting the casket, dressing dad, the wake service, the funeral service, the service of last rites at the crematorium, collecting his ashes the next day, the drive to Lumut, the boat ride and finally scattering his ashes into the sea…… it was his wishes that things be done this way.

It was painful to say “goodbye”. Letting go of someone so dear is heart-breaking. But I’m comforted knowing that dad had gone home to the Lord. Heaven was waiting ….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heaven had it written
And JESUS on His throne
Sweetly whispered out your name
It is time to call you home

All of heaven stood
As Jesus met you at the gate
Angels blew their trumpets
No longer was there WAIT

And LOVE in all His fullness
Was standing by your side
As He gently put your hand in His
Said, Child, let us go inside

For heavens been preparing
A place made just for you
Your life is truly just begun
Though your life on earth is through

You are with me now forever
Since you have called me SAVIOR – friend
This is now where you will live
A life that has no end

On earth, there are those that miss you
Your face they long to see
One day I will wipe away their tears
For all eternity!

written by Diane Zaayenga



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A dear old friend has been ill for sometime, with one complication after another. A sweet, kind, gentle God-fearing man who has served God and His people faithfully… now spends most of his time in bed, barely able to speak. He has been in and out of hospital and feeling more and depressed as he struggles with many unanswered questions. Hubby and I wanted to visit but was apprehensive. What do you say to someone in this predicament?

I know how you feel? No, I deceived myself if I think I know how he feels. The truth is I can’t even imagine what he’s going through…

Do we talk about his illness? And make his dear, anxious wife repeat every details … test, diagnosis, treatment etc?

Or should we reminisce of happier times? And make the man feel worse as he’s reminded afresh of his current state of being and all that had been taken away from him?

Have you ever found yourself in such circumstances? What words of comfort can I bring? When I could find no words of my own, I borrowed the words of Allison Chambers Coxseys, who once wrote a poem, entitled “PEACE“. Presented the printed poem to my dear friend…I prayed that it brought him some comfort…..



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