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A dear old friend has been ill for sometime, with one complication after another. A sweet, kind, gentle God-fearing man who has served God and His people faithfully… now spends most of his time in bed, barely able to speak. He has been in and out of hospital and feeling more and depressed as he struggles with many unanswered questions. Hubby and I wanted to visit but was apprehensive. What do you say to someone in this predicament?

I know how you feel? No, I deceived myself if I think I know how he feels. The truth is I can’t even imagine what he’s going through…

Do we talk about his illness? And make his dear, anxious wife repeat every details … test, diagnosis, treatment etc?

Or should we reminisce of happier times? And make the man feel worse as he’s reminded afresh of his current state of being and all that had been taken away from him?

Have you ever found yourself in such circumstances? What words of comfort can I bring? When I could find no words of my own, I borrowed the words of Allison Chambers Coxseys, who once wrote a poem, entitled “PEACE“. Presented the printed poem to my dear friend…I prayed that it brought him some comfort…..




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