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Today is one of those dreadful days when everything seems to go wrong. I must have got down from the wrong side of my bed.

Mom had an appointment with the doctor in the morning. I could not find her appointment card. Even after searching for more than an hour, rummaging through every possible drawer, it was no where in sight!

Then mom could not find her identity card. At the hospital, the nurse could not locate her medical records… so I had to rush home to get her prescription slip…and rush back to the hospital again.

Finally, thinking all the frustrating moments were over, I had a shower and looked forward to relaxing in the cool of my room. Guess what? Even the air-conditioner was working against me. It refused to work!

frustrated-copy.jpg My patience was stretched almost to the breaking point. The whole range of emotions just swept through me…I felt terribly impatient, agitated, annoyed, upset and frustrated. By the way, this is a picture of me pulling my hair!I think I need some cheering up. Will someone lend me a whole series of “Mr Bean” or “Phua Chu Kang”? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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