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Amanda Chong Wei-Zhen, a 15 year-old Singaporean schoolgirl won the top prize in the annual Commonwealth Essay Competition which drew 5300 entries from 52 countries. Her short story entitled, “WHAT THE MODERN WOMAN WANTS” focused on the conflict in values between an old lady and her independent minded daughter. Chief examiner Charles Kemp called her piece a “powerfully moving and ironical critique of modern restlessness and its potentially cruel consequences

The story strikes a cord within me as I struggle to take care of my aging 78 mom who has often times driven me up the wall. But I remind myself constantly that life goes in full circle. One day, in the near future, I will be in her shoes …. old, weak and feeble and I would want to be cherished, loved and treated kindly and gently.


    This essay is worth a read.



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Do you know that there is a right way to eat your fruits? I think most people like me would have our fruits after meals as a dessert. Apparently we have got it all wrong!

tropical-fruits3.jpg Fruits are simple sugar foods having high water content and hence they can be digested easily and can move through the digestive tract rapidly when eaten alone. When they are eaten with other foods, they tend to remain and ferment in the stomach acid.

According to Chinese theory, eating fruits correctly not only allow a person to enjoy them better but also help treat certain illnesses. See what some experts are saying about THE RIGHT WAY TO EAT FRUITS.

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It’s 5 in the morning and I’m sitting here in my study room. Truly alone for the first time in the past 72 hours. Sleep eludes me. The events of the past few days kept playing over and over again in my mind….

I remember holding dad as he took his last breath, the doctor certifying his death, meeting the undertaker, selecting the casket, dressing dad, the wake service, the funeral service, the service of last rites at the crematorium, collecting his ashes the next day, the drive to Lumut, the boat ride and finally scattering his ashes into the sea…… it was his wishes that things be done this way.

It was painful to say “goodbye”. Letting go of someone so dear is heart-breaking. But I’m comforted knowing that dad had gone home to the Lord. Heaven was waiting ….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heaven had it written
And JESUS on His throne
Sweetly whispered out your name
It is time to call you home

All of heaven stood
As Jesus met you at the gate
Angels blew their trumpets
No longer was there WAIT

And LOVE in all His fullness
Was standing by your side
As He gently put your hand in His
Said, Child, let us go inside

For heavens been preparing
A place made just for you
Your life is truly just begun
Though your life on earth is through

You are with me now forever
Since you have called me SAVIOR – friend
This is now where you will live
A life that has no end

On earth, there are those that miss you
Your face they long to see
One day I will wipe away their tears
For all eternity!

written by Diane Zaayenga


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A dear old friend has been ill for sometime, with one complication after another. A sweet, kind, gentle God-fearing man who has served God and His people faithfully… now spends most of his time in bed, barely able to speak. He has been in and out of hospital and feeling more and depressed as he struggles with many unanswered questions. Hubby and I wanted to visit but was apprehensive. What do you say to someone in this predicament?

I know how you feel? No, I deceived myself if I think I know how he feels. The truth is I can’t even imagine what he’s going through…

Do we talk about his illness? And make his dear, anxious wife repeat every details … test, diagnosis, treatment etc?

Or should we reminisce of happier times? And make the man feel worse as he’s reminded afresh of his current state of being and all that had been taken away from him?

Have you ever found yourself in such circumstances? What words of comfort can I bring? When I could find no words of my own, I borrowed the words of Allison Chambers Coxseys, who once wrote a poem, entitled “PEACE“. Presented the printed poem to my dear friend…I prayed that it brought him some comfort…..



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It has been a long day at work. Glad to be home at last. Seated on my favourite chair, tired feet propped up, a cup of coffee in hand …… and I was ready to catch up on the news.

A article entitled, “AMID THE DESPAIR COME HOPE AND CHARITY” written by ABJ from Kuala Lumpur in the STAR Newspaper caught my attention.

Strange! It was like reading my own thoughts…..

Compare this article with my post yesterday and decide for yourself…GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, don’t they?

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For the past few weeks our nation had been troubled and saddened by news of the gruesome murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Little 8 year old Nurin was reported missing on 20 August 2007 after a trip to a nearby pasar malam to buy herself some hairclips . Her sexually-ravaged body was found in a sports bag near a flight of stairs at a three-storey building in Petaling Utama on September 17. Prior to this were almost daily reports of murders, rapes, robberies, people being threatened, etc in various parts of our country. It is no wonder that we are questioning the ills of our society. Etched in most of our minds is the question: “What is wrong with our society today?” That people is capable of such brutal and insane acts. We look at the grim situation around us and despair began to fill our hearts as we fear for the safety of our loved ones.

Yesterday morning, on reading in the newspaper about 14 year old Teh Hui Yi, I felt the dark clouds slowly being dispelled away…. Through the generous and noble act of the father of a 20 year old Chin Yoon Kim who died in a road accident, Hui Yi was given a new heart – a new lease of life!


It was reported that the donor’s father said: “My son was God’s gift to me. Now, it is time to return the gift to God.” My heart went out to this wonderful man, who during his hour of deepest loss and grief, is still capable of thinking of others and helping them. I’m sure many hearts are touched by his magnanimous act… and we let out a sigh of relief. There is still hope for this land we call home…there are still good people around.

Let us also take this time to consider emulating Mr Chin and many others who had made the decision to pledge their organs to help others live healthier lives.

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I sat talking with a rather energetic man in his sixties who travels from one continent to another working with young people from various nations, so full of energy and enthusiasm that it was almost contagious. “What’s your secret?” I asked.

Never stop learning,” he answered readily. “Every year I make it a point to learn something new!.”

Challenged by the wisdom of this remarkable man, I thought of several things I had always wanted to pursue: learn a new language, landscape my garden, pick up dancing, such as belly-dancing??

Finally, I decided to join the millions of bloggers worldwide and this blog marks the beginning of a new journey…..of learning and discovery as I attempt to put words to my thoughts.

Lao-Tze, a Chinese philosopher, once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a few steps“. My journey as a blogger has just begun…

Is there someone out there who wish to embark on a new journey with me?

I believe we are capable of things we never thought possible. There’s no limitations in what we can do except the limitations in our own minds. So, let’s not give up on ourselves. Who knows where this may lead us to …. a published book, perhaps? 🙂

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